Développement Organisationnel Coaching & Cohésion d'équipe Intégration culturelle
  Développement Organisationnel  Coaching & Cohésion d'équipe                   Intégration culturelle

Workshop : leadership in processes of change and integration


Target group: Managers with experience in leadership


Aim: As a manager you shape and lead processes of change - and you often become or feel like a pawn in the game of change processes.


The amount, the scale and the pace of the road works you are part of increase. The framework conditions are sometimes diffuse, not concise and contradictory. There are good reasons to take the risk of innovation and also to rework and use proven remedies.


The workshop raises your ability to enable a better orientation within change processes - and helps you to manage them more successfully - where possible.


We start from your experiences in change management process and from the background of the current transformation in your own company. Using this basis we support you to find a clear path for your next steps.


Topics and methods:

  • we offer support in differentiation between aspects of “person, role, task” and your company reality to help you see a holistic perspective
  • you gain self confidence in your way of steering change processes
  • your specific change situations that you have to deal with will be analysed with a method deriving from organisational constellations
  • you are introduced to the method “peer supervision” and you will be enabled to use this method in your management praxis
  • you find your personal balance between your anchored habits and meaningful changes
  • “reading grids” about leadership, communication etc. and analytic tools for changes in progress are presented and you will apply them to your situation
  • specificities of change processes in a European or overseas context are treated if desired
  • methods of steering and limits of influence over processes of change will be clearer to you.


The focal points of each workshop are tailored towards the composition of the participants and on the dynamic development during the workshop.

Language: the Workshop is available in English, French or German


Duration: start 2 plus a half days

  • day 1 ends with an evening „fireside chat“: a Board/senior executive member level is present and discusses with workshop participants: a) the crossroads of his/her professional career, b) important decisions in steering change processes he/she made.
  • Half a day follow-up “peer supervision”: after 6-8 weeks workshop members meet together with the consultants - the aim is to enable the participants to coach each other without external support in the future.


Venue: a pleasant and undisturbed hotel. Participants arrive the evening before workshop begins and stay overnight during the event.


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